Yerba Mate Gourd - Natural Calabash Mate Teacup – Black Leather Wrapped - Handmade in Uruguay - Mate Imperial

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  • TRADITIONAL LUXURY OPTION: This exclusive natural calabash mate cup is the preferred choice of the most experienced Mate drinkers in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The traditional way to brew Yerba Mate Tea.
  • STATE OF THE ART: TheBmate introduces the finest yerba mate gourd wrapped in natural leather and with an elegant German silver engraved. It follows the traditional mate design, using high quality materials.
  • KEY BENEFITS: Drink in a yerba mate calabash cup enhances the real yerba mate loose leaf taste unlike stainless steel and wood mate cups. It also helps to keep the right temperature of the infusion as opposed to glass cups.
  • ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE TO CURE IT: We encourage you to cure your Mate Gourd as soon as you receive it, before using it, for the best Mate experience! Please follow the instructions given in the description below.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 Imperial Mate Gourd, Bombilla Straw not included.