Deluxe Bombilla Mate Straw – Yerba Mate Bombilla Straw - Crafted German Silver (Alpaca) Bombilla Straw - Handmade in Uruguay – Cleaning Brush included

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  • TOP-NOTCH TREND: Our exclusive German silver yerba mate straw is the most preferred choice in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.
  • STATE OF THE ART: TheBmate® introduces the first premium yerba mate bombilla handcrafted in German silver, using an everlasting high-quality material.
  • READY TO USE: Unwrap your package and start enjoying your bombilla straw right away! It does not require any special treatment. It is easy to use and even easier to clean.
  • KEY BENEFITS: Drink with an Alpaca bombilla mate straw without losing the real yerba mate loose leaf taste unlike stainless steel straws. The German silver straw does not overheat and allows you to enjoy the best mate experience.
  • 100% ALPACA: The Alpaca is a noble and long-lasting material. Our German Silver Bombillas (Alpaca Bombillas) are made 100% of Alpaca, unlike the most of the other Bombillas available in the market. Handmade by the best artisans in Uruguay.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 Deluxe Bombilla Straw, 1 Cleaning Brush.